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How to play Awari

Awari is played with pebbles in 14 pits arranged as shown above. The object is to collect more pebbles in your home pit than your opponent collects in his/hers. The player's pit is on the right, and the computer's pit is on the left. Each player takes turns picking up all the pebbles in one of the six pits closest to her/him and sowing them, one to each pit, in a counter-clockwise direction.

If the last pebble sown lands in an empty pit opposite a pit with pebbles, all pebbles from that opposite pit, plus the one sown into the empty pit, are moved to the player's home pit. If the last pebble sown lands in a player's home pit, then that player gets a second turn.

Each time the computer plays, the player needs to click on the button. This allows him/her to study the move made by the computer. The pit played by the computer is indicated by two stars
The stars becomes a
on the next play.

The game is over when either side has no more pebbles in their pits. When all pebbles on one side or the other are gone, then all the remaining pebbles not in home pits are awarded to whichever side has the play.

Click on or to start a new game.

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