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How to Play Connect 4

During the game, each player chooses a column to drop a disc. The object is to get 4 consecutive discs of  your color  along a column, row or diagonal before the  computer  does.

Play continues until there are no possible wins for either side (a draw) or one side wins as describe above.


To assist you, the computer changes the mouse cursor to a crosshair over any column you may legally play. During your turn, click on any column with a crosshair.

 New  Click this button to reset the board and begin a new game.

 Hint  Ask the computer to suggest your best move.

 Pass  On the first move, you may click this button to cause the computer to play first. After the first, in any board configuration where you have no legal move to play, click this button to allow the computer to play it's next move.

 Undo  Click this button to backup the game one complete move. The affected discs will flash. Merely make your next move to continue.

 Redo  Click redo to restore a move undone by the  Undo  button. Redo is only avaliable after an undo but before the next human move.

Use this drop down box to choose your desired skill level. Choose from Beginner, Novice, Expert or Master.

Use this drop down box to choose your desired level of psychological warfare. Choose from: Play nice, Boring, and No Quarter.Warning: The No Quarter level hurls insults some might find offensive.  Play at your own risk! 

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