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I Believe in the Jury System

I believe in the jury system, as I am convinced it is the best mechanism designed by the minds of men to adjudicate criminal cases. I am exactly the kind of person I would want to serve on my own jury should I ever be charged with a crime and ordered to stand trial. I understand that in our system of jurisprudence the burden of proof rests on the Prosecution and that the standard of that proof is beyond a reasonable doubt. Consequently, I am inclined to give the benefit of every doubt to the Defendant. However, I come to this courthouse with no preconceived notions about the Defendant's guilt or innocence.

I stand ready, should I be chosen to serve on this jury, to listen patiently to all the arguments, facts, and evidence presented in this courtroom, to follow carefully the instructions of the judge, and to apply the law to the very best of my ability and understanding, so help me God.

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