Blessings To You!

Modern Blessings
May the IRS forget that you exist.
May the mugger hiding around the corner run away screaming.
May the Devil find you uninteresting.
May members of offensive sects leave you alone.
May hunters always see your orange vest.
May dear avoid your lane.
May you never board an ill-fated aircraft.
May tall buildings never collapse beneath your feet.
May you never need choose between falling or frying.
May you never stand beneath raining debris.
May gas prices remain stable.
May your vehicle never fail you.
May EMS always get to you in time.
May the batteries in the portable defibrillator stay charged.
May an Oncologist never send you a bill.
May your Opthamologist have a steady hand.
May your flatulence never be an embarrassment.
May your dental hygienist smile while looking into your mouth.
May the offspring of your youth bless you with legitimate grandchildren.
May your spouse always find you exciting in bed.
May you always keep your New Year resolutions.
May your business partners perceive you as honest.
May the computer help desk operator speak good English.
May the hard drive containing your financial records be reliable.
May your computer never crash during a winning hand of on-line poker.
May the authorities never find porn on your computer.
May your email remain confidential.
May you never need Dr. Phil.
May your bank never send you overdraft notices.
May your credit card company find you unprofitable.
And may your latest diet plan succeed.

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