Poetry by Andy Brenner

on honor of ten and four
i stared out like i'd looked unto my lovers eyes
long into the night

felt her kiss of occular glow, pull me
like a string drawn to a kite

and in the great wheeling sky
this vessel did set sail

drifting in the evening breeze
in moonlight; soft and pale

found her hidden back behind
a drifting clouded veil

between hers and thy soul
a melody did entail

more than once the earth did turn
curtailing heavens blue

how well the still was filled with air
as our music did ensue

but bound up in atomic forces
gravity did eventually divorse us

...now and still my affections wayne
and wax day and night

as often the frost encapusaltes
the word i do recite

for if it's vain, i wont conplain
this simple gift i offer to you

in the still of night, is when i write
prose is red from me to you

Hypnotic melodic rhapsody
language and culture befell me
something rather sublime
mustard seeds, thieves of the night
and new skins to hold new wine

strange manners of speaking
repository of great wealth
a balm to facilitate healing
unto my bones gave me health

to hear without understanding
or to see and gain no insight
how long would I idled in neutral
and do what I knew was not right

this king held sway in his tower
feigned opulence reigned in his court
but I slipped a way and Iím sorry to say
I bring you a dreadful report

Away far into the future
In that his eyes seek detail
Councils of constant reminders tell
Of all the times he did fail

Escapes to flights of fancy
Hypnotic melodic rhapsody
blue neon days of bygone
is the only place he longs to be

pounds and weaves at black and white keys
deconstructs each of his vital signs
steeping in pleasures both broad and deep
unbridling his complex designs

My hearts been fed
someone yes responded
to my literary mess

and in her simple reply
now i convolese

where as once a fittful rage
did ensue tiring mortal frame

my grand constructs of iron and flux
with innoxious burning flame

now resting all the more relieved
i no longer feel the same

simple minds as such enslaved deep inside my head
re rehearsing all the things that i should have said
resting now much easier now my hearts been fed

deux ex machina
here within the printed page
a passing thought upon a stage

a shade a lengthy silhouette
formed from English alphabet

Some unplumbed depth this pilgrims home
from time to time from their he'll roam

a voice from world of solitude
speaks eloquent and rather crude
bound by bonds of servitude

reigns there i did all the more
in this world of thought i did explore

lewis carol wonder land
chaos and logic hand in hand

a chessir cat, a constant grin
amidst the melodic music's din

tireless in searching for just on clue
among dying embers glowing hue
why do i do the things i do?

feigning opulence was my faÁade
while in these shoes I alone shod

in this solemn dominion I held sway
a misanthrope of night and day

venturing from this, it terrified
so at length I sought to stay inside

kept captive by my own design
by malevolence that appeared benign
melancholy platitudes i did refine

alas, arrives tranquil breeze
a rapture of comfort and ease

climbs my spine to my cortex
dissolving problems far to complex

this assuring confidence that saves
bids me to walk upon the waves

his guiding hand he offers me
with a gentle voice he assures me
asks me to trust what i canít see

learn to lean not what you understand
stand on the foundation i have planned

trust me and i will see you through
let me guide you in all you do

this choice no one else can make or choose
(here a hint) if you dont pick me, your sure to loose

said the Lord thus to me
since that day he set me free

now and then still i am chastised
but in the end iíll be revised

for now in confidence i strive
it is Christ within me who is alive

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Copyright © 2006 by Andy Brenner
This poetry has been rendered and distributed by

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