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How to play Taxman

Taxman is played with a list of integers. The player (you) starts by choosing the maximum number of integers in the list. To do so, merely click on the last number you want. After that, you get to choose a number to be added to your score, and the computer gets all numbers that are divisors and multiples of that number added to his score. For example, suppose the list has 1 through 20, and the player chooses 10. Assuming that these numbers are still in the list, the Taxman would get the divisors 1, 2, and 5 plus the multiple of 20 added to his score.

Play continues in this manner until there are no more integers that have either divisors or multiples still in the list. Whomever has the highest score is counted as the winner, with their respective Wins counter incremented.

Please note, the player must choose a number that has either a divisor or multiple still in the list.

And here is a tip: since prime numbers have only 1 and itself as divisors, then the first move of the player should be to take the largest prime in the list, but not if there is a multiple of it in the list!

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