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Here are links to other web sites I like or have found useful.

Computer and Professional George Mill's web site where you can find Multimedia Logic, an emulator I enjoy immensely. You will also find another free program implementing Logo for windows. Tom Pittman of Tiny Basic fame. Great site featuring his commentary and other enterprises. Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation Exhibits include papers on vaccuum tube design and computer symposiums.
My brother's web sites. They speak for themselves. My sister is a serious Internet graphic design specialist. Check out her site. Have to admit, it's way better than mine. But then, my sense of style is plain vanilla.> Freelance web designer in Sidney, Australia. Another gifted creative type, like my sister above. Miryam uses all the best Internet development tools. Take a dive "Down under" for a pleasent walkabout. It is said that the best defense is a good offense. If you are serious about protecting your computer system from attacks, it is wise to study the techniques unscrupulous hackers are using to compromise your system. This site will provide valuable intel on what the Bad Guys are up to. A plethora of web development talents rolled into one guy: PHP, ASP, .NET, CFM, JAVA, ORACLE, SQL SERVER, MYSQL, XML, XSLT and JSP programming. And a high quality coder. Tutorials by Herong and other neat programming stuff.
jlarson43 A new concept in software development involving crowds. A great site featuring lots of cool educational stuff on electronics. Interesting collection of computer and religious articles, including an introductory discussion of FPGA architecture and uses. Check it out. Articles on how to promote your web site on search engines and other free services of interest to web masters.
Computers your way
An interesting collection of general computer articles, a regularly updated hardware list for the "ultimate" computer system, and tips on how to spec a computer system based on intended use. Good stuff. GoingWare's Bag of Programming Tricks Tips on the business and practice of software and website development: website design and promotion, marketing, object oriented design, law, business, and cross-platform development. Protecting your valuable data from threats on the outside of your organization is a given today. But what about all those laptops that your employees use in the performance of their daily duties? These folks.will help you plan your defense strategy. Tutoring services in various disciplines. Computer Guy meets Computer Lady! Object: matrimony! A marriage of convenience between two web sites that see teaching Computer Science to youngsters as important in our technologically advanced, automation saturated society.
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Other Being a licensed driver required to carry car insurance, and with my insurance premium coming due shortly, this looked like a nice site to add to my links page. Lots of people need car insurance, surely some of those would like to sell it.
Authentic designer sunglasses and optical frames at discount prices. Brand name sun glasses and eyewear. Most famous brands. One shop with a large selection so that you can try on styles from many different lines. All of our products are 100% authentic and original. All models come in the original case.

Religious My beloved church home. As a Christian, I simply loved Mel Gibson's film, The Passion of the Christ James Kenedy and associates. They hold conservative Christian values. Americans are a very generous people and support many fine charities. This group keeps track of how those contributions are spent. The reports found here can be used to make informed benevolence decisions. Dr. Laura is Jewish, and I subscribe to many of her traditional views on family and dating relationships. I listened to her talk show for many years. Your connection for Christian books, Christian music, homeschool curriculum, and other resources Interesting collection of computer and religious articles, including a history of the Bible, Check it out.

Balance Neal Boortz says much with which I disagree, but I have a letter to him on my web site, so here is a link to his site.

Cool Idea -- Link Exchange Directory. Exchange links the easy way! Since search engines use reciprocal links to gauge web page ranking, this was bound to happen. These good folks provide a broker service where you can exchange links with other like-minded web site administrators. Wish I'd thought of it first.
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