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Remember, it takes hard work to make computers easy to use.

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Dear Visitors:

In major metropolitan areas like New York City, artists can be seen lining the streets, doing their thing, giving pedestrians an opportunity to enjoy their creative and performance talents. They support themselves by the generous donations they receive from those who appreciate their work. I'd like to become a 21st century, Internet equivalent of one of those exhibitors. Only, my art is Computer Science.

I started my site back in 2000 after my teenaged nephew demonstrated his ability in HTML before I even knew what HTML was! I called myself a computer professional, but he showed me a thing or two! Since then, I have made a conscious effort to develop my web skills, and this site is the result.

My primary goal is to create original content that is entertaining, educational, and/or edifying. I'd like to do a lot more Virtual Digital Logic Projects, Classic Computer Games, and animations like the Please Donate graphic.

Please consider donating a few dollars so I can perform my special art!

Please Support Internet Grandpa!

I feel called by God to help bright, gifted youngsters master computer programming and digital logic. As the Internet Grandpa, I want to offer these special kids encouragement and assistance in these subjects, after they exhaust their parents' and teachers' technical knowledge.

So, I'd like to ask for your help. Below are a couple of PayPal buttons you can use to make a donation. I have it on good authority that the American people are among the most generous in the world.

If you have a complaint, complement, or suggestion for a Virtual Digital Logic Project, or Classic Computer Game that you'd like to see implemented, please feel free to drop me a note at jlarson43@juno.com

Please donate. God bless us everyone. And thank you for your consideration.

The Please Donate animation is the story of Jesus and His love for all. It starts out with rays of light moving from letter to letter, signifying God's preparing the world for Jesus' arrival. When the rays get to the little t, little t is miraculously transformed into a cross, signifying Jesus' death and resurrection. Then a heart appears on the cross, signifying Jesus' love. At the same time, the letters on either side of the cross accept the love into their own hearts. Then the message of Jesus' love is passed from letter to letter.

Meanwhile, as Jesus enters the world, the first little e becomes very agitated and unhappy, turning from side to side, because little e doesn't believe. While all the other letters are rejoicing, jumping up and down, moving toward the cross, little e tries to run away. But little e can't run far!

When the heart reaches the big P, it stops. Then the heart appears briefly on the cross to gently remind big P about little e. Big P then realizes little e is lost, so turns around, moves over to little e, and shares Jesus' love. Little e then becomes happy, accepts the love, kisses big P in gratitude, and moves back into place within the community of other believer letters. All the letters gather closer to the cross, signifying how a relationship with Jesus changes lives.

Finally, the heart returns to the cross as a beacon of hope for all to see.

Do you have children asking a lot of questions about computer programming or circuitry that you can't answer?

Perhaps Internet Grandpa can help. Let your child write his or her question under your email account and send it to me. When I respond, you will be able to monitor my response and determine its age appropriateness. At the very least, I might help you better understand so you can explain it to your child.

Be sure to mention the child's name and age so I can tailor the answer!

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