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Multimedia Logic Projects

Multimedia Logic - Tutorial 1 - Simple Circuits

Tutorial 2 - AND / OR Gates

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NEW! Calculator Construction Project

Multimedia Logic by George Mills http://www.softronix.com mills@softronix.com is a logic emulator of the finest caliber. It will allow the user to explore the inner workings of computers and digital logic without having to worry about shorting out power supplies, tangling hookup wires, troubleshooting loose connections, accumulating parts, or any of the other drawbacks associated with breadboarding electronic circuits.

This program is quite complete in that it includes a comprehensive set of elementary to advanced functions: Inverters, And gates, Or gates, Xor gates, ALU's (Arithmetic Logic Units), Flip Flops, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers, RAM (Random Access Memory), etc. It has simulated LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) in various flavors, switches in many forms, plus the ability to play sounds and display pictures.

For the advanced user, it has the ability to interconnect over a network using Windows Sockets. It can read and write the LPT port so that you can connect real hardware to the emulator.

Your imagination coupled with your inventiveness is the limit to the kind of projects you can create with this program. Examples included with the distribution illustrate proper "wiring" techniques as well as demonstrate fundamental logic principles. The best part of all, source code written in Visual C++ Version 6 is available for free!

The recommended platform is Windows 95 or higher, with a Pentium 200 MHZ CPU or faster, and at least 64MB of RAM. The program will take up about 2 Megs of hard drive space.

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Advanced Projects
MorseLgi.zip A new twist on the venerable Morse Code Practice Oscillator. This project actually receives International Morse Code and translates it into plain text.
TicTacToeLgi.zip This project plays Tic Tac Toe using a heuristic developed by Tom Pittman.
CalculatorLgi.zip This project implements a calculator which can add, subtract, multiply, and divide 8 digit signed floating point numbers.
SimonLgi.zip This is a game project that will test your short-term memory. You will be asked to repeat a random code sequence. It is an example of an asynchronous logic circuit.
Moderate Projects
TrafficLightLgi.zip Test your logic design ability by replicating this project, which generates the timing signals for a simple traffic light.
LaneJudgeLgi.zip Suppose you wanted to race model cars down an inclined multi-lane track. This circuit implements an electronic finish line lane judge to keep track of who wins. If you want, you can work from provided specifications and duplicate the circuit as an exercise.
ElevatorLgi.zip A simulation of a three-floor elevator system for a virtual building. Click buttons to make a "car" go up and down with automatic "doors" that open and close.

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