Religious Art


Sacred Heart

Christ At 33
Heinrich Hoffman

Come To Me
David Lindsley

Greg Olsen

Gentle Healer
Greg Olsen

Good Shepherd
Del Parson

Good Shepherd
Simon Dewey

In Humility
Simon Dewey

Alpha & Omega
Greg Olsen

Our Advocate
Jay Bryant Ward

More Religious Art
Paintings Of Jesus
Jesus Laughing
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Visitor #

Denise Gimsrud submitted these wonderful paintings so they may be enjoyed by all.

Thank you, Terri Young, for the heads up on the only unattributed painting in this collection, Gentle Healer, painted by Greg Olsen.

Thanks to Deborah of for correcting "Come To Me," "Alpha & Omega," and "In Humility."

Any additional misidentification is strictly my responsibility. If you believe the title or an attribution is in error, please drop me a note at