This is a resume for James Larson, Programmer/Analyst Consultant in the Dayton, Ohio area. I have experience in C, Dynamic C, Basic, Pascal, Assembler, FoxBase, DBaseIII+, and other computer languages. I can manually optimize Javascript or Jscript code for improved performance.

James Larson

Programmer/Analyst Consultant
5200 Pollard Way Huber Heights, OH 45424
(937) 233-1252
E-mail address


In June 1994, a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree was conferred by Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio.
In March 1985, an Associate of Engineering Science Degree was conferred by Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio.

Continuing Education

Studying DHTML. Becoming proficient in Javascript and Data Access Objects to create HTAs.
Studying Dynamic C and the Jackrabbit single board computer systems used in industrial control applications.

Professional Experience

February 1992 to present - Self-employed Programmer/Analyst Consultant.
For Innovative Medical Device Solutions (IMDS) of Vandalia, OH: designed and implemented an Excel Import Macro to convert complex inspection data to an MS Access compatible database. The source documents used very sophisticated formatting including merged cells, special symbols, and multiple fonts which needed to be accounted for. Also, this formatting varied somewhat within the collection, and the entire collection consisted of over 1,000 spreadsheets. The system was table driven, and user configurable to allow the greatest flexibility with minimum programmer involvement.
For Innovative Medical Device Solutions (IMDS) of Vandalia, OH: Designed and implemented other Excel macros to facilitate data migration.
For Torrence Sound Equipment Company of Perrysburg, Ohio 43551, started maintaining in 2005 an existing Access project used to track jobs in progress. This led to the award of a major contract in 2008 to add an Access database backend to a critical Excel multi-sheet document used to write and track quotes. The project involves adding a VBA form macro to the spreadsheet that stores entered data using Data Access Objects (DAO) and then populates the spreadsheet so that working documents can be printed. Future projects involve creating summary reports on the proposal data based on the Access data store.
For Sonitrol of Southwest Ohio as a subcontractor to maintain a central station monitoring package that was written for Midwest Protective Services. Co. Inc.
For Protector Home Security, Dayton, OH, wrote and installed via E-mail several custom reports for an obsolete Accounts Receivable system called Caesar. Designed and wrote a de-compiler/compiler program for FoxBase to maintain obsolete programs like Caesar.
For Bilbrey General Contractor, Dayton, Oh, designed, wrote, and installed a proposal generation system.
For Midwest Protective Services, Dayton, Oh, designed, wrote, installed, debugged, and maintain a central station monitoring package. Provide on-going computer support services.
December 1990 to February 1992 - National Tag Company, Vandalia, Oh.
Designed, wrote, installed, and debugged an apparel tag sales order processing system, with invoice printing and multiple on-line lookup tables, in FoxBase. This system was multi-user, running on a Novell Network.
Invented an algorithm to do plate calculations, greatly improving manufacturing efficiency.
Helped administer a Novell Netware V3.xx LAN.
July 1988 to August 1990 - Moto Photo Corporate, Dayton, Oh
Designed and wrote a weekly sales statistics package in FoxBase which supported district roll-ups, corporate roll-ups, and two complex labor analysis algorithms.
Designed and wrote a sales entry system, integrated it with MAS90 General Ledger, and interfaced it to POS Perfect, a point of sale package.
Designed and wrote a direct deposit system for MAS90 Payroll, which required producing Automated Clearing House (ACH) files.
Wrote many special purpose DOS level utilities in C, Pascal, and Assembler.

Programming Languages

Expert in Visual Basic.
Multi-platform Javascript expert using Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and Safari. Very familiar with HTML Document Object Model.
See examples here: Javascript Portfolio
Familiar with C++, OOP concepts, and the WIN32 event-driven software environment.
Expert in C, Pascal, FoxBase (dBASE II, III+), Clipper, and Business Basic.
Experienced in Ada, Lisp, Prolog, Fortran, COBOL, Forth, FoxPro, and DBASE IV.
Expert in 8086, 68000, and 6502 Assemblers.
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